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What are photo booth props?

When most think about bringing photo booth props, it is often assumed that we are thinking of customers holding the stick props (as pictured above).  While this is a good staple to get started, props are anything and everything that can be held, sat on, leaned on, or worn.

This opens a lot of doors for creativity, and opportunities to make your props stand out from the competition!


To Prop Or Not To Prop

Props often make an event very fun and exciting for your client.  They feel as though they received more value from their purchase, and it can sometimes be the difference between having a repeat customer or a one-time client.

If you’ve ever looked at your photo booth business model or competing photo booths in your market, you’ve probably noticed that some companies flaunt that they offer props.  It will be a highlight of their package, and something that they assure with add fun and enjoyment to the photo booth experience. On the other hand, other photo booths do not include props in their package, or offer props as an “add-ons”. So which is the best option? Let’s look at some of the factors that will compare the pros and cons of each!


When you’re in business, you want to make financially sound purchases for the inevitable expenses. One of the biggest questions surrounding this area is, “Will these props making my business more profitable, or will it be an unnecessary expense?”

The answer? It depends.

The core driver will be the client.  Is your client old? Young? Modern? Classic? The list could go on and I won’t waste your time, but you get the picture!
The second driver of this question is event type.  Are you focused on serving the corporate world? Parties? Weddings? Outdoor Events?

Let’s look at some of the numbers.

If you’re looking to build an array of props including hats, gloves, stick lips, various plastic weapons, hearts, and all the style you could ever want, you could be looking at spending somewhere between $250-$500 on initial costs.

If you are planning on keeping the basics and not going overboard in your selection, you could realistically keep costs under $150 initially.

The reality is that things break so be sure to set aside roughly $5-$10 from your booth event to be able to replace props.


Often times, we don’t like to think about the nitty gritty, but props get dirty!


I’ve seen kids (and adults) do many unsightly things and then grab at props.  Things get covered in bacteria by the end of the night!

Luckily, there’s two very easy solutions for this:

  • Bring antibacterial wipes and give your props a quick wipe down before (or after) each event.
  • Bring antibacterial hand sanitizer and encourage (very strongly encourage) guests to use it.

Do both of the items above for the best possible sanitation!


You can’t always sanitize a cloth hat, so always buy hats that can be thrown in a washer!


Photo Booth Props Included Or Extra?

The one thing you DON’T EVER want is a customer that thinks you are bringing props if you aren’t!

ALWAYS be clear about your offerings of photo booth props, even if the customer doesn’t ask directly.  The customer should always know exactly what they’re getting to reduce any type of confusion or frustration.

Props Should Be Included

Every photo booth should have some props.  You may disagree with me, and that’s okay, but let me explain.

Every customer you interact with will not want props, but many of the customers that rent a photo booth will want some.  It is important to have a small sets of props at your disposal, even just the stick lips and mustaches, in case the customer is wanting you to bring them.  If you are a photo booth owner or vendor, you need to be ready to meet your customer’s needs.  The truth is that sometimes you won’t realize your customer’s needs until the day of the event.

These types of props should be included in the package just solely based on the evolution of photo booths.  You will be left behind if you plan to charge for these types of items.

Extra Props

Customer’s will sometimes request more specific props, beyond what you have in your inventory.  Props like these should be add-ons, or the customer should plan to bring some.
You can buy your own, but it will be a loss for you as these types of things are very specific or seasonal.

Holidays: This will include Valentine’s Day, Halloween.
Themed Events: Weddings/Parties, such as a “Batman” theme.



Props can be a distinguishing add-on or feature of your photo booth rental business.  They can bring many laughs, guests, and even repeat renters!  It is important to know your customer-base to determine if props best fit your business model.

They are relatively low-cost after the initial investment, and easy to maintain and replace.

Have a set of props ready at your disposal, but don’t be afraid to charge for “extra” props if a customer wants something very specific.